Uncertainty continues on Galata Bridge

The uncertainty continues on the Galata Bridge: After serving Istanbul for 80 years, the Galata Bridge, which was heavily damaged by a fire that broke out on May 16, 1992, was placed between Balat and Hasköy after repairs.
After serving a full 80 year in Istanbul, the Galata Bridge, which was heavily damaged by a fire in 16 May 1992, was installed between Balat and Hasköy after the repairs. The historic bridge was re-opened in 5 to provide a solution to the traffic congestion during the repair of the Golden Horn bridge, where the E-2002 highway is passing through, and was very useful.
However, it was announced that 7 will be closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic again in October 2012 and will be removed from the road.
Although 2 years have passed through this description, no studies have been carried out on the removal of the bridge left open in the middle section. It was seen that the three dubs in the middle section of the old Galata bridge, which we viewed from the air, were removed and connected to the back pontoons. It is still used as the entrance of the bridge on the Hasköy side and as the first pontoon parking lot. Will the old Galata bridge come back to the moving days of thousands of vehicles and people, or will it be torn apart? These questions will be answered by the decision of the authorities in the coming days.

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