2-3 year-long asphalt is used on double roads

2-3 year-lasting asphalt was used on the double roads: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan admitted in his presentation in the parliamentary budget negotiations last week that the percentage of double roads made in the last 12 years was used asphalt, which is called 80-2 years. The repair price of the surface asphalt deteriorated three years after the construction is 3 times higher than normal asphalt.
A striking fact has emerged about the 2003 thousand 17 kilometers of double roads built since 421. 78 percent of the double roads whose quality is often discussed for degradation is made of asphalt, called a two-to-three-year surface coating. Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan said that the asphalt pavement lasted a maximum of 2-3 years and had to be rebuilt. After that, the project called as Bituminous Hot Mixture (BSK) will focus on high-cost asphalt asphalt. 12 The 20 thousand 3 km section, which corresponds to 800 percent of double roads per year, was made from BSK. Only last year 1,7 billion pounds were spent for repair.
Three years after the deterioration, repair and maintenance costs due to the lining of the asphalt surface coating asphalt, why the past 12 annual weighted questions remained unanswered. Asphalt expert civil engineer Erol Dikicioğlu'nun according to the research of the Minister said that the poor quality surface coating roads 20 an average of 7 times per year, 3 times lined as 10 times are being repaired again. The average 14 at BSK is repaired annually. Life and cost comparing Dikicioğlu surface coating with BSK Highways carrying capacity of xnumx't to xnumx'lük portion of roads in Turkey with a high concentration of heavy commercial vehicle traffic according to the General Directorate of Technical by long-life bsk'l the opposite is supposed to have a body as four-fifths of the road surface is known as the pavement is covered with the type of asphalt. Dikicioğlu's research also includes a very important comparison of costs. The annual patch expenditure for surface coating is more than 5 times that of the long-lasting BSK. Expenditures for surface coating maintenance are 4 times higher than BSK. The use of poor quality asphalt on the roads was reflected in the evaluation of the institutional capacity and capacity prepared by the General Directorate of Highways. The report between the institutions weaknesses in the existing road network throughout Turkey, to remain low in the hot coated road network and maintenance work was shown to be allocated sufficient funding. Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan recently shared the latest statistics about the Highways in his presentation at the parliamentary budget negotiations. The presentation included details on the construction of a double (split) road that the government frequently uses in election squares. Accordingly, until 4 2 thousand 2002 kilometers long-lasting and high quality Bituminous Hot Mixture (BSK), 3 thousand 890 kilometers of surface covering, including 2 thousand 211 kilometers divided road. In the 6-101 period, 2003 thousand 2014 km BSK, 3 thousand 823 km and 13 thousand 598 kilometers divided road, including surface covering was built.
1,7 billion pounds spent on repair last year
When the budget of the General Directorate of Highways is examined, it is remarkable that the maintenance and repair expenses of the roads are quite high. General Directorate of Highways spent 2013 billion 15 million 345 TL, including personnel expenses and new road construction. 326 billion 1 million pounds of this figure was spent on the maintenance and repair of state and provincial roads. As for 701, asphalt construction and repair work has been carried out for a total of 2014 thousand 9 kilometers including 1.088 kilometer with BSK coating and 10 thousand 588 kilometers with surface coating.

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