In the Eskişehir Railroad Association, the 10. General Assembly

In the Eskişehir Railroad Association, the 10. General Assembly: In Eskişehir, the 10 General Assembly was held for the Railway Workers Union (Demiryol-İş).

Hüseyin Kaya, Secretary General of the Railway Workers Union, General Finance Secretary Zeki Karakurt, Legislation Secretary İsmail Baygın, and 13 branch chairman, as well as members of the Demiryol-İş Union attended the board meeting in a hotel. 182 delegates participated in the election that the current president could not attend due to the accident. 4 participated in the elections held once a year, along with Ali Eryılmaz and Murat Karabulut's lists.

Speaking at the meeting, Türk- İş Eskişehir Provincial Representative Nejat Kılıç said, uc As a result of the election to be made, you will choose a team that will carry out the program for the future and put it into practice. It is not possible for the team to reach the union on their own. First of all we have to run the delegate friends and then follow them with criticism and suggestions without leaving their jobs. Or unionism doesn't matter. Trade unionism exists as we work together. If done it must be done within unionism democracy in the world and Turkey. If the unions are weak, they are weak in democracy in that country. I hope that the choice will be instrumental in charity. I wish success to the person to be elected. Seçil

Ali Eryilmaz won the 86 vote against Murat Karabulut.


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