Miscalculation in Izmir Metro

Miscalculation in Izmir Metro: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality opened the metro without fire detection and extinguishing system, Izmir residents will have to use the subway for a while as it calculates the approximate cost in the tender opened to close this gap.
Despite the lack of fire detection and extinguishing system of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, a new scandal emerged after putting the last two stations of the subway into service on the eve of Ramadan. In the tender held on 26 September to complement the deficiencies of the tunnel, it was noticed that the “approximate cost” calculation was made incorrectly. The tender was launched on September 26 to complete the deficiencies in the Üçyol-Üçkuyular line, which came to the agenda with the problems such as tunnel rupture and the lack of fire extinguishing detection system revealed by Egeli SABAH documents. Within the scope of the tender, "Closing of the shafts, fire detection and warning system, leakage current collection system, tunnel fire extinguishing installation, gas extinguishing works" were included. Among the 3 companies that participated in the tender, the lowest bid came from Ultra AŞ. The company offered 11 million 335 thousand 004 liras for the foreseen works. However, with an approximate cost of 6 million 756 thousand 289 liras determined by the Metropolitan Municipality, it was noticed that there was a difference of 4 million 578 thousand 715 liras between the number offered by the lowest bidder. As a result of the examination made by the tender commission, it was understood that the approximate cost was calculated incorrectly. Upon this, Metropolitan Municipality had to cancel the tender in line with the decision of the commission.

Thus, the job of eliminating the deficiencies, whose construction period is 8 months after the delivery of the place, has been postponed by another 2-3 months with the most optimistic estimate. It is stated that the works within the scope of the tender, which is expected to be completed in June 2015, will end in September with the most optimistic forecast. Invoice of the mistake went out to Izmir, as usual. Izmir residents will have to use the subway without a fire detection extinguishing system for at least 1 year. The troubles will not be limited to this. The shaft, which is opened in the middle of İnönü Avenue in Hatay Poligon and negatively affects the traffic in the city, will also get its share from the wrong calculation of the approximate cost. The Metropolitan Municipality will have to make some changes in the specifications to bid again. Meanwhile, the process may be extended as the approximate cost will be recalculated. As a result, the inhabitants of Poligon will wait a little more time to close the shaft, which remains in the middle of the road like a freak. Before the two stations on the Üçyol-Üçkuyular Line were opened, Egeli SABAH had reached the report prepared by the contractor firm, which took the rail laying works of the entire line with the İzmirspor and Hatay Stations, to the METU Civil Engineering Department. The report, which has not been disclosed to the public so far and kept secret by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, revealed the deadly dangers awaiting the people of Izmir. The report revealed that calculations related to the construction of the tunnels were made incorrectly, and water pressure and seismicity were ignored when the project was drawn. It was understood that the rupture occurred in the subway tunnel on 3 May 2011 and 18 July 2012. Egeli SABAH was brought to light by the reason that the opening of the subway was constantly postponed, while what was going on was hidden from the public. METU Civil Engineering Department Vice President Assoc. Dr. In the report prepared by Erdem Canbay, it was said that "it is murder to know that such a sensitive system that will carry thousands of people every day is sitting on inverters that are likely to crack at any time and not to take any precautions".

Speaking about the metro scandal uncovered by Egeli SABAH, President Kocaoğlu claimed that "black propaganda" was made, "A bombardment from known circles and known press bodies without any original lining, made to keep only a mud horse trail that is free from mind and science." we are faced with scribble. It is not correct to get interlocutors, but they write them. If you do not answer, they come to 'No explanation, so this is true' mode. The other press could use this in the future. We have seen these repetitions in the past. ” However, the opening of the tender (after the subway was put into service) of the Metropolitan Municipality to eliminate the vital deficiencies announced by Egeli SABAH to the public made it clear how rotten the "black propaganda" thesis was.



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