The increase in transportation in Izmir will hit the minimum wage

The increase in transportation in İzmir will hit the minimum wage the most: The transportation hike to be activated by the Metropolitan will affect the families who live on the minimum wage. The monthly cost of a family with two employees will increase from at least 296 lira to 334 lira.

While the transportation hike, which passed the last day's session of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council with jet speed, affected a large part of the society, it hit families who lived on minimum wage the most. The monthly travel expenses of a family of 4, where both spouses work, will be at least 296 lira, according to the old tariff, while the new tariff will be at least 334 lira. While the refinery prices of crude oil fell to the lowest level of the last 5.5 years worldwide, the transportation hike realized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in public transportation drew reaction. While the citizens rebelled against the hike, which ranged between 9-12 percent, they reacted to the Metropolitan on social media. On the other hand, the increased tariff, which will be put into effect as of January 1, 2015, was accepted in the parliament by the majority of votes of the CHP and MHP council members against the rejection votes of the AK Party council members. Bilal Doğan, the AK Party Group Deputy Chairman of the Parliament, who evaluated the public transportation hike as an unfairness to İzmir, said, “Kocaoğlu bills the citizens for the failure. ESHOT will continue to hurt. And it will reflect this to the public from time to time by making a raise. These duty damages should not be reflected in Izmir. ESHOT is managed unsuccessfully. This raise policy is an injustice. Mr. Kocaoğlu is also responsible for this failure. On behalf of the people of Izmir, we say no to this increase and we invite the Metropolitan Municipality to work as a social municipality and Mayor Kocaoğlu to withdraw this hike ”. Referring to the bus route services at the public transportation point, Doğan said, “Again in transportation, the track services are not carried out on time. Therefore, passengers are waiting for transportation vehicles in a victimized position for a long time. For example, a bus that needs to reach the end point from the starting point to the last stop in 20 minutes, can only reach 40 minutes with this system. "Urban traffic has turned into a nightmare."


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