Floor improvement was made in Izmir Suburban System (Photo Gallery)

Ground Improvement was made in Izmir Suburban System: Selim KOÇBAY, Regional Director of 3. In the scope of the extension of Izmir Suburban System to Torbalı, carrying capacity of Kuşcuburun - Torbalı stations is low. Ground stabilization applied with lime, 719-10 by increasing the carrying capacity 12-09.10.2014 floor by increasing the floor problem of the problem can be solved and applied for the first time by examining the work on the site XNUMX received information from the authorities.

As a result of the soil stabilization with lime, the value of 719 MN / m2 is achieved by exceeding the predicted Ev80> 2 MN / m120 value for the sub-base prepared according to UIC 2.

In the soil improvement study, 3 is spread on the platform surface at a rate of% 40 and the mixer machine having shredder ends is mixed with cylinders by forming 1500 cm layer. On the surface of the superstructured platform, an average of XNUMX mt is improved per day.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 18:01

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