The green buttons of İZBAN have saved energy in the 700 bin kwh

The green buttons of IZMAN provided energy savings for 700 bin kwh: The environmentally friendly green colored buttons, which allow the passengers to open the doors of the Izmir Suburban System (İZBAN) trains, save around 700 thousand kwh a year while the carbon dioxide emission of trains is 400 thousand kg per year. It decreases. IZBAN's düğ efficient use of resources X green-based opening buttons in accordance with the philosophy of the trains, 78 tons of equivalent oil is saved.
The trains of İZBAN are air conditioned with air conditioners and electric heaters for comfortable travel. During the opening and closing of the doors, the interior temperature changes. Thanks to the green button, the doors without the passenger landing board are closed, thus preventing unnecessary electrical energy consumption by not losing the ambient temperature. Although the price may vary according to the factors, the green button enables the operator to spend an average of 25 less electricity for air conditioning. This savings of 10 kwh per expedition reaches 2 a thousand kwh a day, 700 a thousand a year, even a thousand kwh.
Technical experts working on this issue in İZBAN stated that every drop of energy spent has an oil equivalent, and said, “The green button on the doors of İZBAN trains prevents the consumption of energy equivalent to 78 tons of oil every year. In today's world where energy resources are decreasing, we desperately need such applications. This practice also saves costs and prevents the atmosphere we breathe from being polluted by the carbon dioxide emissions of 78 tons of oil.” said. İZBAN management also drew attention to the environmental effects of the small green button and said: kazanThis application ensures that the carbon dioxide emitted to the nature is 400 tons less every year. We would like to thank the people of Izmir for their support to the application.” he said.
On the other hand, in order to ensure that polling officers arrive on time on their election day, 30 March 2014 will set up an additional train at 05.00 Sunday. The train that will carry the crate officers to their regions will be removed from the stations of Aliağa, Menemen and Cumaovası.

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