Road Construction And Zero Asphalt Works

Road Opening And Zero Asphalt Work At Halıcılar Site: Şehitkamil Municipality, Halıcılar Site missing places, road opening work and zero asphalt work continues. Road opening and zero asphalt study on-site President Rıdvan Fadıloğlu, Halıcılar Site opened and asphalt zero infrastructure work was initiated on all roads, he said.
Şehitkamil Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, GATEM Industrial Sites in the Halıcılar Site where the missing work in the opening, while the road works in areas where the end of zero-asphalt work started.
Mayor Rıdvan Fadıloğlu, who examined large-scale road paving and zero asphalt works on site, received information from the authorities. With industry tradesmen sohbet President Rıdvan Fadıloğlu gave the good news that zero asphalt will be applied to all of the roads opened in Halicilar Sitesi.
Mayor Fadıloğlu made a statement after the review and said, “We always say that we are in the service of the nation. However, we could not reach the point we wanted on asphalt in the past. This was due to lack of infrastructure. After realizing this within the framework of the inter-institutional cooperation, thank God we are in intensive asphalt work. We had to take this service of our nation before winter came. Although it seems as if the Municipalities are not the main duty of the substructure of this work, we are confirming our duty with these works. We paved all the intermediate roads and main arteries in the region from Halıcılar Site to the motorway. I would like to thank all my team members who took charge in this matter. Thanks to the day and night they do this work without saying ”.
President Rıdvan Fadıloğlu asphalt work with the industrial artisans who saw the work carried out thanks to President Fadıloğlu'na, said that the work themselves are very happy.
Şehitkamil Municipality by Halıcılar Site that offers quality service to the artisans of the industry Ahmet Yilmaz, “We are very pleased with the services we have done Şehitkamil Municipality. He saved all our tradesmen from the mud before winter came. Our roads were poured clean asphalt zero asphalt poured, presented to us. We would like to thank to our Mayor Rıdvan Fadıloğlu and his team for their asphalt works. ”

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