Customization from Sports Toto to Haydarpasa Station

Customization from Sports Toto to Haydarpasa Station: A new list of privatizations was announced. In addition to Haydarpaşa Station, there are many roads, harbors and institutions.

Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek announced the list of privatizations in the new period.

Şimşek argued that the institutions would be transferred to the private sector in order to make them work more efficiently.

Şimşek said, hem Both the state and the citizens and the private sector will gain. Although it seems to be profitable in some areas, we believe that a more efficient environment will be created by the operation of these places by private sector. Bazı

Here are some areas in the customization list:

  • Electricity generation plants;
  • Motorways and bridges;
  • Some ports;
  • Erzurum Winter Olympics Facilities;

  • 25 sugar factory;

  • Güllük Marina;

  • Haydarpaşa Project;

  • Eti Maden's sulfuric and boric acid factories;

  • Halk Sigorta and Halk Emeklilik (income to be transferred to Halkbank);

  • Sports-Toto horse races;

  • Cable-TV operations of Turksat;

  • BOTAŞ's transmission lines;

  • 49 percent of the public shares of TEİAŞ;

  • Public offering of TPAO;

  • Property,

  • Plots.

In 2013, the 12.4 was broken by a billion dollars. The government, which aims to close this year with the privatization of 7 billion dollars, announced the areas planned to be privatized in the coming period.

Although not yet entering the budget, the privatization revenue at 2015 may break the new record. Because only Sports Toto and horse races expected 10 billion dollars.


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