Approval for İzmir Tram Tender by KİK

Izmir Tram Lines Map
Izmir Tram Lines Map

Approval for Izmir Tramway Tender: PUBLIC Tender Authority (KIK) rejected the objection to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's tender for the tram.

The JCC announced its decision on objections to two important tenders, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was eagerly awaiting its results. The JCC rejected the appeal by the Comsa Sau Pojazdy Szynowe Pesa Bydgoszcz Spolka Akeyjna Consortium, which included Spanish and Polish firms in the tender won by the Turkish firm Gülermak. The consortium made objections to the competence of Gülermak's subcontractor company to make wagons.

After KİK's decision, Metropolitan Municipality will sign a contract with Gülermak company shortly. Between Halkapınar and Üçkuyular 12,6 km Konak tram and between 9.7 km Alaybey-Mavişehir Karşıyaka tram 36 to be completed per month. Karşıyaka There will be 16 stops on the tram and 19 stops on the Konak tram. Within the scope of the tender 38 wagons and spare parts will be taken. Gülermak firm, producing suburban subcontractors in Bursa, producing trams called İpekböçısı in Bursa. Durmazlar He entered with Makina. The company awarded the tender for construction works. 182 million 144 thousand 261 TLWon with 38 million 69 thousand 153 Euro offer for 255 wagons and spare parts.



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