06 Ankara

Natural gas explosion stopped suburban flights

Natural gas explosion halted commuter flights: During the construction work of the new station building in Ankara, the natural gas pipe exploded. Celal Bayar Boulevard, the natural gas pipeline under the construction work was damaged. In the region due to the incident [more…]

34 Istanbul

Leave your friends to die

They left their friends to die: Hüseyin T., who was wanted as a missing person in Istanbul, was opened to the mystery. 4 suspect Hüseyin T. who was detained in connection with the incident went to cable theft in Adapazarı high-speed train line [more…]


Trabzona railway should come

Trabzona railway should come: Karadeniz Technical University Department of Industrial Engineering and Management - Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) - Logistics Association (LODER) in cooperation, “III. National Logistics and Supply Chain kongre. Professor [more…]


Tudemsas workers thanked Carlos

Workers had TÜDEMSAŞ Carlos Thanks: Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc., who unfurled banners for those who lost their lives in Soma thanked Roberto Carlos. Soma district of Manisa coal mine due to explosion transformer [more…]


Kanuni Boulevard Construction Works

Kanuni Boulevard Construction Works: Under the scope of Kanuni Boulevard, the construction of the tunnel is progressing rapidly. The construction of Boztepe, Beşirli and Yıldızdun tunnels will continue rapidly and Bahçecik Tunnel construction will start in 1 month. [more…]

35 Izmir

Hearts Somada Message in Izmir Metro

Hearts Somada Message in Izmir Metro: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Manisa Soma mine accident that occurred in the vicinity of the dead and injured in support of the train station signs 'Hearts Somada' wrote. Occurring in Manisa Soma [more…]

Asphalt News

Road improvement works in Altınordu

Road Improvement Works in Altınordu: Altınordu Mayor Engin Tekintaş said that they have started road improvement works and that their goal is to protect existing roads and to add new roads. Mayor Tekintaş and Municipality Responsible for Zoning [more…]