974 Qatar

Turkish company grabs Doha Metro's tender

The tender of the Doha Metro was awarded to the Turkish company: The construction of the four-line Doha Metro to be held in Qatar was won by Yapı Merkezi and STFA with a billion dollars of 4,4. Doha Metro, which consists of four main lines, [more…]

Intercity Railways

Aksaray to Mersin Port by Rail

Aksaray to be Opened to Mersin Port by Railway: Aksaray industry, which has been growing thanks to incentives in recent years, will be connected to Mersin Port by rail with the “Kırşehir-Aksaray-Ulukışla Railway Project yür coming into force. Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), 5. incentive zone [more…]

251 Ethiopia

A quick train to help from China

China to help high-speed train in Africa: While connecting the big cities with the high-speed train network is unimaginable in Europe, China plans to do it in Africa. Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, African Union OAU'da [more…]

34 Spain

Nine detentions in Spain

Nine detentions in Spain for the investigation of railway corruption: In Spain, nine people were detained in connection with an investigation into allegations of corruption in some railway projects. From the prosecution and the Court of Accounts on suspicion of corruption in some railway projects in Spain [more…]