35 Izmir

This road will have six wagon car parks

There will be six wagon car parks on this road: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will establish underground storage facilities in Halkapınar for the growing metro system and expanding vehicle fleet. Total 6 line in the parking area 110 [more…]

11 Bilecik

Heavy Duty Injury

Worker Jumping From Train Maintenance Vehicle Seriously Injured: The worker who jumped from the maintenance vehicle whose brake exploded during the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) works in Bilecik was seriously injured. According to the information obtained, both [more…]


Reflecting bridges with cover

Bridges are being renewed in Kapaklı: Bridges are being renewed in Kapaklı District of Tekirdağ. While the existing bridge located at the exit of Erbay Caddesi Yuvam Konutları in the Kapaklı District of Tekirdağ was demolished, it was learned that a new bridge would be built at the same point. Erbay Street [more…]


Organized by Osman Gazi Junction

The Environment of Osman Gazi Junction was Organized: The landscaping works were completed at Darica Osman Gazi Junction. After the construction of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Darica Osman Gazi Intersection, which greatly relieved the traffic in the region, [more…]


Ovit Tunnel to End at 2015

Ovit Tunnel will end at the end of 2015: The 2640 thousand 9 meter section of the Ovit Tunnel, which is under construction at the 600 altitude on the Rit-Erzurum road route, has been completed. Rize Governor Nurullah Cakir, AK Party [more…]