18 Cankiri

Snow shortage in Ilgaz will be solved by machine

Snow shortage in Ilgaz will be solved by machine: Çankırı Ski Trainers Association President İmdat Half said that the shortage in the last season at llgaz Mountain started to work on purchasing artificial snow machines in order to prevent the victims of tourism. Half, said Ilgaz'ın [more…]

20 Denizli

Ski resort like Bozdag

Skiing center like Bozdag: While the works to make Bozdağ the ski resort of the region continue, the prepared zoning plan was suspended. When the planning was realized, from the hotels in Bozdag to the recreational facilities, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality was transferred and President Osman Zolan [more…]

34 Istanbul

The collapsed road in Zeytinburnu

The road that collapsed in Zeytinburnu is on the agenda of IMM: Doğan News Agency (DHA) ”Marmaray work has made this way, the road cracking during the construction of the Marmaray project caused a great panic ay, and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Waste Recycling Project Signed

Asphalt Waste Recycling Project Signed: The Mevlana Development Agency will support the z Recycling of Asphalt Wastes Kaz project of the Selçuklu Municipality. The contract with the project, Secretary General of the Mevlana Development Agency. Ahmet Akman and Selçuklu Municipality Vice President [more…]

Asphalt News

Patched maintenance on roads

Patched roads on the roads in the Bosphorus: Highways 68. Maintenance and repair work was started on the roads deteriorated by the Branch Office. Highways 68. Maintenance and repair work of roads deteriorated after winter in Boğazlıyan district center [more…]

61 Trabzon

Çakırgöl ski center project is waiting for investor

Çakırgöl ski center project is waiting for the investor: The project is closely followed by the project described as the imaginary AK Party Trabzon deputy Faruk Özak said, yatırımcı The zoning plans of the project have been completed. Now we are trying to find investors in the project. Şimdi Ski resort [more…]

02 Adiyaman

Nemrut road will be flooded

Nemrut road will be under water: Adiyaman Pütürge villages to prevent the transition to Nemrut, irrigation of Kahta land Tepehan near the village with the Büyükçay dam villages, bridges and road will be under water Adiyaman Nemrut Mountain Malatya by investments made by [more…]

06 Ankara

Train appeared on the horizon

The train appeared on the horizon: since 1943, the 23 government started the countdown in the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train project, which is the outdated 32 minister; 29 is scheduled to open in October 2014. So what are the features of this line, how are the suburban connections established? Turkey's [more…]