New Konya Tram

Catena Tramway to Konya

Konyelen Tramway to Konya: Konya has ordered 12 tramless tramway to Skoda Transportation to be used in the section where the overhead line will not be constructed in the new tram line project. Trains with roof-mounted nano-lithium-titanium batteries [more…]


Logistics Sector 81 Day

Logistics Sector 81 Locked to the Day: Ankara direction of TEM Motorway, which will remain closed for 81 days, has started to affect the logistics sector from day one. Vehicle queue extending to 10 kilometers at Gebze toll booths, [more…]


RayHaber 08.05.2014 Tender Bulletin

Security alarm monitoring and warning system will be purchased B 70 Concrete Crossmember Will be purchased Repairing damaged aluminotherm welding with electric arc welding Electronically Controlled Pin Brazing Type Welding [more…]


CMSye TAYSAD Export Award

TAYSAD Export Award to CMS: CMS was rewarded as the second largest exporter of 2013 by the Association of Automotive Subcontractors (TAYSAD) with its 322 million dollar export figure in 2013. Each [more…]