49 Germany

Train Injury in Germany 5 Injured

Train Accident in Germany 5 Injured: A suburban train in Munich, Germany collided with a construction machine working on the rails. A suburban train in Munich, Germany, collided with a work machine working on the rails. Mechanic and operator being heavy in the accident [more…]

Intercity Railways

Where is TCDD Going

Where is TCDD Goes: 26 On April 2014, the TVS pulman passenger wagon behind the generator wagon was divided into two as a result of the two-minute stance at the Izmir Blue Train Cigli Station, which made the Izmir-Ankara route. Kazan, [more…]

New Konya Tram

Trolley-Free Tram to Konya

Konyaya Katenersiz Tramvay: In order to be used in the new tram line project in Konya, Skoda Transportation ordered 12 catenary tram to be used in the area where the overhead line will not be constructed. Trains with nano-lithium-titanium batteries mounted on the roof run 3 km as far as catenary [more…]


Logistics Sector 81 Day

The Logistics Sector Has Been Locked To 81 Days: The Ankara direction of the TEM Highway, which will remain closed for 81 days, started to negatively affect the logistics sector from the very first day. A 10-kilometer long vehicle queue at Gebze toll booths brought logistics operations to a standstill. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Freight of freight load on rail should be increased

Shares of railway freight Taşmacılıg should be increased: DB Schenker Rail Intermodal Sector Manager Adreas Schulz, "Turkey's more than 100 million consumer group, has the youngest population. Countries like Turkic Republics, Kazakhstan etc. are regions where we can make a breakthrough for us. " important transports [more…]


CMSye TAYSAD Export Award

CMSye TAYSAD Export Award: CMS was awarded as the second most exporting company of 2013 by the Association of Vehicles Supporting Industrialists (TAYSAD), with an export figure of 322 million dollars in 2013. Every year they grow their goals even more [more…]

Intercity Railways

Arrangements for the Transportation of Railway

Arrangements to be Taken for Railway Transportation: We think it would be easy for the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications to make the following arrangements. Because the member of the European Union (EU) 28 made these arrangements in the country. Approximately 10 has been implemented for years. Application process revealed [more…]

25 Erzurum

Konakli Ski Resort

Konaklı Ski Center is Afforested: With the protocol signed between Erzurum Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate and Erzurum Regional Directorate of Forestry, saplings were planted on the roads of Erzurum Konaklı ski center. Konaklı Ski Center 3000 to the roadsides [more…]


Ankara 2016 will take on a different identity

Ankara will take on a different identity in 2016: Tens of projects are expected to be completed within 2 years in Başkent, where successful project housing and business centers have started to rise in the last few years Barışkent & BA Group Board of Directors [more…]


General Directorate of Highways Investments

General Directorate of Highways Investments: Highway Works 2014 Year Targets.In order to carry out improvement projects, 18.07.2011 will provide engineering consultancy services on the history of XNUMX, maintenance, restoration and strengthening of suspension bridges. [more…]


Darıca School Street Tunnel Ends

Darıca School Street Tunnel is Finished: High Speed ​​Train construction continues to be divided into two sections of Darıca School Street and Topçular Street is connected to the lower gate. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the High-Speed ​​Train that divides School Street in Darıca [more…]