3 Injury In Kutahyada Crossing Injury

3 Injured in Kutahyada Crossing Injured 3 In Kütahya, uncontrolled level crossing in the car collided with the train XNUMX people were injured.

According to information obtained, the 73048 voyage from Balıkesir-Eskişehir expedition was hit by 48 SH 43 license plate under the direction of Metin Gündüz (364) who tried to cross the road in Bahçelievler neighborhood. In the accident, the car was jumping off the railroad by somersault, the driver Metin Gunduz and his wife Ayse (45) and his son, Ahmet Gunduz (7) were injured. The wounded, ambulance Dumlupınar University (DPU) Kütahya Evliya Çelebi education and Research Hospital were removed and treated. About 12 hours due to the accident due to the rail car, the train was opened after being taken to the Kutahya Station.

Meanwhile, residents reported that an accident occurred in the area in question and asked for an electronic barrier to the railway.

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