Kadıköy Square project stopped

Kadıköy Square project has been stopped:Kadıköy The zoning plan of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which envisions the Square to be a fair and fair area, was stopped by the court.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's “Kadıköy District Haydarpaşa Train Station Kadıköy The court made a decision for a stay of execution regarding the 1/5000 scale Conservation Master Plan for the Square and its Vicinity.

Requesting the annulment of IMM's decision dated 08 October 2012 and a stay of execution Kadıköy The municipality had been sued by councilors at the Istanbul 2nd Administrative Court last term. The court ordered a stay of execution on February 17, 2014. IMM objected to the decision.

Istanbul Regional Administrative Court, rejected the appeal.

Kadıköy The President of the Chamber of Architects Eyüp Muhçu, who evaluated the court decision regarding the plan that loads the fair and fairground function to the Square, said, `` Haydarpaşa Station, which has been a historical and urban site since 2004, has been the area under the name of 'Transforming the Coastal and Port Area into Manhattan'. As a continuation of the project brought to the agenda for this purpose, it insistently continues its rent initiatives that will plunder public, natural and historical values. Kadıköy The decision to transform the square, which has ferry piers, used as a gathering, transportation, ceremony and rally area, was taken by IMM. While the lawsuit filed for the cancellation of Haydarpaşa looting continues Kadıköy It is strategically important for the future of the region that the decisions of the plan, which will eliminate the qualities of the square and bring functions to restrict the use of society, by the judiciary in a lawsuit filed. Haydarpaşa region, which is an original part of Istanbul, and Kadıköy Citizens, who strive to ensure that the coastline is not sacrificed for income, concreted, and its natural and historical values ​​are not destroyed, gained a new position with the decision of the judiciary in the face of top-down decisions and the process that is totally unlawful and incompatible with the principles of urbanism ”.


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