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Head of the National Corps. We are aware of the news that some miners lost their lives and some of them were stranded after the fire caused by the transformer explosion in the coal mine in Soma district of Manisa. May God give mercy to our martyr miners, [more…]


RayHaber 14.05.2014 Tender Bulletin

Deployment of Sinan-Batman railway line HHT sets including material repair and maintenance services will be taken Similar Railway News and Other News You may be interested inRayNews 02.01.2014 Tender Bulletin 02 / 01 / 2014 Tug Service Service (with Spare Tug) Electrification [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray 1 could not do time expedition

Marmaray 1 hours could not do the time: General Directorate of TCDD, Marmaray's Ayrılıkçeşme station in the electric breaker due to a break in the 1 hours announced the stop. TCDD General Directorate in a written statement, today on some internet sites in Marmaray related to the failure [more…]



Railroads Growing on the Rail: The Railway Management can be carried out with the technical staff work force in its structure. In our country, TCDD opened the TCDD Vocational High School in 1942 to train the personnel, mechanic, road personnel and facilities personnel in order to provide such personnel. [more…]


Railroads to the global market

attack the global market for railways: Turkey, the global market 'iron koridor'l to açılacak.ulaştır Up, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry, the international rail corridor 6, 75 billion pie in the Asia-Europe line aims to get more share. Here are six projects: Istanbul-Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Kurtalan-Nusaybin-Iraq [more…]

06 Ankara

Fast Train scared bus companies

High Speed ​​Train scared bus companies: High Speed ​​Train, which will download Ankara to Istanbul between 3 hours, scared bus companies. Some bus companies will either withdraw from the line or reduce their flights. YHT will also affect flight passengers. 3 between Ankara and Istanbul [more…]


Road Transport in Turkey

Road Transport in Turkey: Road transport, starting and destination points in that it allows a direct transport, be faster compared to other types of transport, and especially short-haul has some advantages because it is relatively inexpensive. Special [more…]


Traffic Control for Persons with Disabilities

Traffic Control of Persons with Disabilities: Gendarmerie Head of Gendarmerie Headquarters in Bergama District of Izmir and Tuğlu Kınık with the project Komut We are the Jandarmas of Weights City Bergama meni project coordinated by Gül Nihal Yüce, Special Education Class Teacher, Ali Rıza Primary School [more…]


Here is the alternative Old Istanbul Way

Here is the alternative Old Istanbul Road: TEM Motorway between Gebze-Gulf, Ankara due to the repair of viaducts in the direction of the traffic due to the D-100 Highway has been given a great intensity at the weekend. Drivers who know the alternative way flocked to Old Istanbul Road. Way [more…]