Eastern Black Sea Railway Requests

Eastern Black Sea Wants Railway: Eastern Black Sea has been victimized for years, the Railway Road insistently wants .. Authorities to listen to this sound is waiting. Batumi-Kazakhstan Railway line 1 opened in February. Which will operate between Batumi-Almaty / Kazakhstan [more…]


RayHaber 13.05.2014 Tender Bulletin

Treatment Plant Construction (Tatvan TCDD Vangölü Ferry Directorate) B70 concrete sleeper procurement work Crossing Bridges for MT 15000 DMU Vehicles Will Be Obtained (TÜVASAŞ) Cage Wire Export Will Be Done (Between Sivas-Taşlıdere Stations) [more…]


We are delayed in logistics

We are delaying in logistics: Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union President A. Hamdi Gürdoğan stated that new lines, new facilities and new transfer stations should be built between Russia and Turkish Republics, and the key to economic regional development [more…]

Asphalt News

33 Mileage Road Work in Basiskelede

33 Mileage Road Works to Be Done in Basiskele: Concrete, hot asphalt and cold asphalt road works will be done throughout Kocaeli Basiskele Basiskele. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues road works. Road in the district of Basiskele [more…]

39 Italy

Test of democracy in Turin

Democracy test in Turin: Four activists have been in custody since last December, protesting the Torino high-speed train arasında project designed between Torino and Lyon due to the local economy and the damages to the natural environment. Procuratorate of Turin, [more…]

46 Sweden

Self-parking vehicles are coming

Self-parking cars are coming in: Volvo Car Group has started a great project in Sweden. This project is shaped within the framework of the vision of 'Zero accident, zero death' in 2020. This is the Volvo Car Group [more…]


Nissibi Bridge Construction Completes

Nissibi Euphrates Bridge Construction Nears Completion: When completed in Turkey, which will be the longest suspension bridge Nissib xnumx.köprü bridge construction has reached the final stage. Turkey will carry the distinction of being the third longest suspension bridge [more…]