Turkcell's Pocket Watch Will Be Open

Turkcell will be open to the mobile in the Marmaray: The Marmaray project, which will provide continuous rail transport between the continents of Asia and Europe, has been included in the coverage of Turkcell network since the first day.
As a result of the 16 day-long studies, all of the tunnels and 5 stations were covered by Turkcell.
The 76,6 km of the total 13,6 kilometer Marmaray Project is located under the sea. As of today, Turkcell has been covered in all tunnels passing under the sea and in Ayrılıkçeşme, Üsküdar, Sirkeci, Yenikapı and Kazlıçeşme stations.
As a result of the ongoing works during the festival, Turkcell covered the 60-80 m deep sea level 1,4-13,6 immersed tunnel and the length of the 80 km two-way tunnel in one direction. The 8,73 mileage cable and 9,5 mileage fiber cable were used in the work of the approximate 820 person. 16 meter feeder, 13 pieces repeater, 54 pieces cabinet, 44 Unit GSM antenna and XNUMX pieces GSM equipment (RRU) were installed.
In his statement, Bülent Elönü, the Assistant General Manager in charge of Turkcell Network Operations, stated that they are very happy to be included in the Marmaray project, which transformed the 150 annual dream of Istanbul into reality.
Elönü, this 150 years ago from Asia to Europe by train to go under the sea is a very stunning dream, but the sea on the one hand while traveling from around the meter, the idea of ​​being in touch with all over the world, could not be imagined that day.
Today in Turkey, thanks to the power of technology to compete with the world at one point Elönü that expressed, "As Turkcell, we are always working at this point reached a great effort to fulfill our responsibility. In this way, we are proud of taking the privileged communication power that we offer to Turkcell people under the sea and taking part in a giant project like Marmaray. We believe will open the doors to a new era of urban life of Istanbul Marmaray project, and we wish to be beneficial to all of Turkey, "he said.

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