Malatyaya Light Rail or Light Metro Transportation System

Malatyaya Light Rail System or Light Rail Transit System: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality candidate candidate. Dr. Dr. Ibrahim Gezer, "the implementation of the projects will be the gripping actor of the Malatya region," he said.
Professor Dr. İbrahim Gezer talked to Radio Huzur and reminded that he was the founder of Bilgi Yolu Education and Culture and Social Research Center (BİLSAM) and he chaired important organizations like Fırat Development Agency (FKA) and he made many projects and realized stated that they are active in activities that will contribute to regional developments.
He also expressed his views about the Trambus system. Dr. Gezer stated that they had adopted the light rail or light metro transportation system, but that these projects were costly and that they decided to take action after the provision of the necessary infrastructures.
. If you carry at least one 10-15 thousand passengers in one hour in one direction, as our city has reached these standards, there are generally used tram lines. If the number of passengers carried in one direction at such an hour reaches 25-30 thousand, there are light rail systems. But if the number of passengers found in the 40 thousand, the metro is on the agenda, so what we call the subway is the underground systems that go underground. It is known that a passenger potential to meet this light rail system of Malatya is newly formed. These projects are expensive projects, they should be planned well, they should be decided well. A wrong decision here may leave our city and other cities under a very serious cost burden.

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