Our citizens are very satisfied with Marmaray

Citizens are very satisfied with Marmaray: TCDD Deputy General Manager Veysi Kurt stated that they were constantly going on trains in Marmaray and said, çok Our citizens are very satisfied. They are always praying and thanking. Sürekli
Kurt, AA correspondent, said in a statement, since the opening of Marmaray'dan publicly expressing that they see, they are working hard to avoid a problem, he said.
As of today, the number of 350 thousand passengers will be reached voicing Kurt said, this is over capacity, he said.
Kurt emphasized that the interest and curiosity of the citizens cause intense intensity and added, layan This intensity may cause some minor problems. With our administrative and technical team, we continuously control the system. We immediately eliminate these problems, Çıkan he said.
Tourists also show interest
Kurt pointed out that the signaling of the current system is set up at ten minutes intervals and that these frequencies correspond to the 216 expedition on a daily basis, and that this means that the 250 thousand passengers will travel with the normal values.
Veysi Kurt, said:
Uz However, despite the fact that we work with the same frequency, we think that 300-350 is traveling a thousand people a day. We're always on the trains. Our citizens are very satisfied. They always pray and thank. Some citizens, sometimes a little advice. Our citizens, who stated that they crossed the two continents in a short time, were very happy and happy about the situation. Tourists are also interested in the system. In particular, they visit our Yenikapi station and examine the most important works on display. Of course, we thank the Prime Minister and the Minister. Indeed, a very important work in the world and in Turkey. It is not possible to not see the value of this, we really see it in our people. We can read this satisfaction because of our people. İnsanlar
Ell Handy for the disabled “
Cemal Akkaya, who used Marmaray for the first time, said that the Marmaray Project is proud of Istanbul and said that they are proud of this.
Expressing their excitement, Akkaya said, gibi It is a proud project for a brand like no-one in Istanbul. There is an intense intensity since it is the first day, but in the days to come, I believe that it will improve. Good things will happen. I sat in Kavacık for a while. We couldn't pass because of the fog between two continents. No more citizens will live. In a short time, people will take a long distance, Kısa he said.
Ilyas Hacıhaliloğlu, who is walking disabled with Marmaray, said that the system is very suitable for the disabled and the elevators are very comfortable and convenient.
Hacıhaliloğlu stated that the staff behaved very well to disabled people. It's a little busy, but it's a nice project. I was forced to get on a municipal bus as a handicapped. But I didn't have that difficulty here. 30 have been disabled for years, I used Marmaray very comfortable X.

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