01 Adana

Turkey, Loved the Diesel Train Set

Turkey, Diesel Train Set the Loved: The first diesel train sets which provide a comfortable and fast transportation produced in TÜVASAŞ in Turkey, citizens interested in the görüyor- currently Mersin-Adana and Izmir-diesel train that runs between Denizli [more…]

34 Istanbul

Hüdaî Road to Marmaray

Hüdaî Road instead of Marmaray: Istanbul's description is as follows: Nefsi İstanbul, Eyüp, Galata, Üsküdar Fatih Fatih is called “Nefsi İstanbul;; It means “Istanbul itself.. It is as if Istanbul's Üsküdar and Istanbul's Fatih are in love. As if one to another [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray expects to stop home sales

Expectation of Marmaray has stopped housing sales: 29 The Marmaray project, which will be opened in October, is expected to increase real estate prices in a wide area, while the citizens who own property on the route of the project are expected to increase their housing prices. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray will cross two continents in 4 minutes

Marmaray 4 will pass between the two continents in minutes: Marmaray, the project of the century, will be put into service next Tuesday with a ceremony at the summit of the state. Uskudar-Sirkeci between the submarine 4 minutes with the project on both sides of the citizens [more…]