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New warning for Marmaray

New warning for Marmaray: The Assembly of Socialist Architects and Engineers warns again about Marmaray, which was opened with the ambition of political show, before its construction has been completed; electrical equipment, any [more…]

34 Istanbul


Marmaray: Much has been said and still said about Marmaray, which opened on October 29. Please set aside what you know and weigh Marmaray. Exactly requested for Istanbul [more…]

34 Istanbul

The Marmaray Adventure

Marmaray adventure: The giant project that connects Europe and Asia under the sea by rail, started the first day of Marmaray adventurous. While CNN Türk was on air in the morning, electricity was cut. A few minutes [more…]

34 Istanbul

Here's the traffic of Marmaray tweet

Here is Marmaray's tweet traffic: Prime Minister Erdogan reacted to the criticism of Marmaray on social media. So how many tweets have been done from yesterday to today? What are the factors that determine the agenda of social media [more…]

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Description of TCDDden Marmaray

Marmaray statement by TCDD: TCDD reported that there was a short-term power outage in Marmaray in the morning, but the voyages were not interrupted. It was stated that citizens who pressed the emergency button also caused disruptions. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray warning from Guardian

Marmaray warning from Guardian: Marmaray, which is described as “the project of the century”, echoes in the foreign press. The Guardian Newspaper featured a report on the opening of the tunnel part of the Marmaray project and warnings of experts. [more…]


RayHaber 31.10.2013 Tender Bulletin

Double Line Railway Survey, Project, Engineering and Consultancy consultancy service will be purchased between Narlı-Akçagöze Stations Ballast will be purchased Maintenance and repair of wagon scales and scales adjustment [more…]


Increased Number of Expeditions

The number of expeditions increased in Adaray: The interest in the Urban Rail System Application (ADARAY), which was implemented by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, is increasing day by day. Depending on the increase in the number of passengers [more…]

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