The first breakdown in Marmaray (Video - Photo Gallery)

The first breakdown in Marmaray: Marmaray, which opened yesterday, had a short-term power cut in the morning hours today. Passengers got off the tram and crossed the Marmaray on foot. The electrification company told Hürriyet that the power cut would not occur in Marmaray before the opening. Meanwhile, a malfunction Kadıköy- It was in the Eagle subway. Expeditions could not be made for about an hour due to signaling failure. After the malfunction was resolved, an announcement was made in Marmaray not to stop at Sirkeci Station for a while.
At 08.15:XNUMX am, electricity was cut when CNN Türk Television was broadcasting live from Marmaray. The tram, which made a trip due to an interruption, remained on the rail.
After the interruption, the announcement "Flights have been canceled" was made. After a short break, the cut was fixed. There is currently no problem with Marmaray flights.
Passengers were descended by a passenger as he walked down the rails to the edge of the rails. It was heard that the siren rang during the interruption.
After the morning breakdown in Marmaray, the trips returned to normal. However, it was reported that Marmaray did not stop at Sirkeci Station. “Our trains will not stop at Sirkeci station for a while to serve better, our valued passengers.” announcement is made.

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