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Elevator Magans

Elevators of the elevator: In the city of IZMIR, the elevator, which connects the Heroes and the Aegean neighborhoods, has been damaged again. It connects the Heroes to the Aegean Quarter, where hundreds of people work every day, go shopping for their daily needs and children go to school. [more…]


RayHaber 02.10.2013 Tender Bulletin

Sayding Road Infrastructure and Vehicle Overpass will be constructed at the Air Stop Purchasing of Rolling Rolls (to be used in the production of concrete sleepers) Pharmaceuticals will be purchased for Weed Control (HERBİSİT) Kapıköy Station Field Lighting Work Similar Railway Road [more…]

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Third Airport approval

The approval of the ground at which the third airport will be built: The geological, geotechnical and geophysical surveys of the 7 thousand 757 hectares, which will be the largest airport in the world, will be completed. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization examining three stages [more…]

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34 Istanbul

Istanbul Railway System Investments

Istanbul Rail System Investments: Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; Architect Kadir Topbaş said that 3 rail system line and 1 air line will be established in Tuzla within the scope of “Rail System Investments”. According to Mayor Topbaş's statement Halkalı - Gebze Marmaray Surface [more…]

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Sarajevo tramways are working again

Trams in Sarajevo began to work again: GRAS, the public transport company in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, agreed with the electricity management to deal with the debts. Accordingly, 1,5 million euros debt, 16 will be paid in installments. After the first installment of the debt, the tram and [more…]


102 New Personnel Works At Tüdemsaşta

102 New Personnel Worked in Tudemsasaş: According to a written statement from TÜDEMSAŞ, 105, whose operations were completed by 102 workers employed in the General Directorate of TÜDEMSAŞ, started to work. A ceremony and training program was organized for the new staff. Business [more…]

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Who paid the metro money everywhere

Who paid the metro money everywhere: Sezgin Tanrıkulu, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas'ın gave some announcements to the newspapers, said: ın Classifieds, Middle East, Yeniçağ, Republic, Yurt, Free Agenda, Light, Left, Opposition, Universal Sözcü, Newspapers such as dormitories [more…]