European Union: Turkey and the EU reinforces ties between the Marmaray

European Union: Marmaray reinforces ties between Turkey and the EU: the European and Asian sides of Istanbul connecting with each other railways 'Marmaray Project', 90 of the Republican establishment. opened with a ceremony on the anniversary. European Union Delegation to Turkey, the European Investment Bank, the largest of the Marmaray project that provides financial support outside the EU, to strengthen ties between the EU and Turkey, he said.
The 'Marmaray Project', which provides a railway connection between the European and Asian sides of Istanbul under the Bosphorus, was organized with the participation of President Abdullah Gül, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Somali President Hasan Sheikh Mahmud, Japanese Prime Minister Şinzo Abe and Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta. ceremony.
European Union Delegation to Turkey, made a written statement on the opening of the Marmaray Rail Tunnel.
In this statement, which is the largest project of the European Investment Bank outside the European Union, both the people and the continents will be integrated with each other. railway services and a radical revision of the world's most ambitious urban transportation plan within the framework of the opening of the Marmaray Tunnel was recorded.
European Investment Bank, the project statement underlined that in 1.05 billion euros invested, açlış of Turkey's accession process of nine years 'has expressed the culmination' was recorded.
EU Delegation to Turkey, indicating that a very large that the difficulties faced to the framework of the project, Istanbul is located in one of Turkey's most active seismic region and the city, not including the population of being an economic powerhouse has exceeded 12 million addition to this number many people both drew attention to the fact that the day came to the city to work.
A total of more than one million trips to the Bosphorus every day and five hours to travel from one side of the city to the other during busy hours, the project said, the project, a modern rail transport infrastructure in the narrow corridors of an old system for intercity and freight trains with Europe and Asia the establishment of a railway line that connects each other.
In this context, that the laying of a long new railway from xnumxkm and existing 73 station in the improvement and expansion of the EU Delegation to Turkey, underlining that do, three new metro in the Marmaray Project, which built the line xnumxkm's of xnumxkm'lik bidirectional tunnel beneath the strait, he said also included.
The statement, the development of rail services and Istanbul both sides with integrating a uniform cry of every day is expected to use the tunnel, the passengers more than 1.5 million, the greenhouse gas emissions associated with this major change in the transportation method year by providing 144 thousand tons reduction of the air in Turkey's largest metropolis quality and expected to reduce noise pollution were recorded.
In a statement from the EU Delegation to Turkey 'Bosphorus, Istanbul's European side to the Asian side to doing connotation separation from the other. However, this tunnel connects the two sides of Istanbul, the city's landmark East and strengthens the ties between Turkey and the EU position between the West and reinforces "the statement said.



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