34 Istanbul

Metrobus travelers cut the road

Metrobus passengers cut the road: Metrobus density has cut the road. Avcılar Central transfer stop from Avcılar Campus who want to come to the passengers, because the metrobus is over-filled because of the over-half-hour waiting. Passengers who missed the hospital appointment late [more…]


TCDDden TÜVASAŞ Description

TCDD from TÜVASAŞ Description: Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Ananon Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation I (TÜVASAŞ) has reported that there is any way of interrupting or closing the program. In a written statement made by TCDD, some media outlets in Sakarya [more…]

7 Russia

Moscow-St. New project is launched to allow young children to travel alone on the high-speed train line in St. Petersburg

Moscow-St. A new project was launched to allow young children to travel alone on the high-speed train line in St. Petersburg: in a statement from the Russian Railway Administration, Moscow-St. Carrying passengers on the St. Petersburg-Moscow line Sapsan on high-speed trains 1 transporting children passengers without their parents from October [more…]

387 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo tramway and trolley bus disconnected

Sarajevo tram and trolley bus cut off: Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital Sarajevo, the electricity management of the public transport company (GRAS), which owes 1,5 million Euros, stopped transportation in trams and trolleybus lines. Trade union representative representing workers at the transport company [more…]

16 Bursa

International services logistics centers

International services logistics centers: TLS Logistics continues its breakthrough in the sector with new international services logistics centers. In this context, the Company considers opening of International Services Logistics Centers in Izmir and Bursa, which it considers as a strategic center for regional and world trade. [more…]

07 Antalya

Alanya-Antalya No Rail System Project

Alanya-Antalya Rail System Project does not exist: Alanya-Antalya Rail Train is not working in the region, saying that the Türel, "Jet Jet, Ankara is planning to transfer Gazipaşa flight Ankara," he said. Turel stated that there is no study on Antalya-Alanya Rail System Project,-This [more…]

34 Istanbul

Cable car lines will cover Istanbul as a cobweb

The cable car lines will surround Istanbul as a spider web: infrastructure and transportation activities will play an important role in the future plans of Istanbul as well as infrastructure and transportation works. After the Çamlıca-Etiler cable car line, which will pass through the Bosphorus, the Sarıyer-Beykoz line with the length of 2 [more…]