34 Istanbul

Ajda Pekkanın Metrobus Curiosity

Ajda Pekkanın Metrobus Curiosity Ajda Pekkan Never said that the public transport vehicle Ajda Pekkan, said he was very curious to ride the metrobüse. Superstar of Turkish pop music Ajda Pekkan gave an interview to Şebnem Özcan from Bugün daily. Interviewing [more…]

35 Izmir

Nife cable car

Kemalpaşa Mayor Rıdvan Karakayalı unveiled his biggest dream to the summit of the legendary Nif Mountain, providing social facilities, sports and accommodation facilities and providing transportation to the cable car for the first time to Egeli Sabah. [more…]


RayHaber 04.03.2013 Tender Bulletin

Purchase of chassis head (TÜVASAŞ) Carpet purchase business (TÜVASAŞ) Ballast will be purchased Ballast will be purchased Minibar purchase will be purchased (TÜVASAŞ) Personnel Service Will Be Taken Similar Railway News and Other News You May Be Interested inRayHaber 02.01.2013 Tender Bulletin 02 / 01 / 2013 [more…]

38 Kayseri

METU College meets in Erciyeste

A great interest was shown in the Erciyes meeting organized by METU College School Association. The activity where the students and the parents showed great interest was started with the breakfast at the Snowman Facilities in Erciyes. Students and parents who start to slip after breakfast [more…]


Beautification work on high-speed train

High-speed train route beautification work Konya Metropolitan Municipality High-speed rail route for the beautification on the Railway Street, 16 different types of oak trees will be located, the city furniture is made of oak tree is a park. KONYA Metropolitan Municipality, Railway [more…]


Eurasia Rail Fair Events

Eurasia Rail Fair Events Eurasia Rail Fair 7-9 will be held on March 2013 at the YÅÅ Martilköy İstanbul Expo Center. In this fair, our stand area HALL 11 / A is open to all visitors at 13. Ã Ä zen Technical Consultant Media Group Open: Ministry of Transport, Republic of Turkey [more…]


Seventy Seventeen of the Population

xnumxt to seventy percent of the population-speed train invention to Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Deputy Minister Yahya head, "our citizens in regions where the population of about 2023 percent until 2023 in Turkey by fast train to catch the meeting a chance," he said. Baş, AK Party Deputy [more…]


Konyaya 60 new tram project

Konyaya 60 new tram project in Konya 60 new tram project today will be an important step in the day. Contracts are signed after the Konya Metropolitan Municipality's 60 final model tramway tender is concluded. Skoda with contract to Konya [more…]