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İzmir Metro was the subject of thesis

İzmir Metro was the subject of the thesis İzmir Metro was the subject of the thesis of Güler Öztürk, a graduate student of Yaşar University (YÜ) Industrial Engineering Department. With different hours and different number of wagons [more…]


Side industries developing in railways

Developing sub-industries in the railways sector After the unfortunate train accident in Pamukova on July 22, 2004, we discussed the safety of the railway sector at length in front of the public. Lists of measures, deficiencies and all relevant [more…]



Take care of TÜVASAŞ Ömür Kalkan, President of the Turkish Transportation Sen Branch, said, gibi Don't let TÜVASAŞ disappear as the Agricultural Equipment. Protect TÜVASAŞ ”. High-speed train Attention to light rail [more…]

first snow of the season fell to murat mountain thermal ski resort
43 Kütahya

Murat Mountain Ski Resort Opened

Journalists from Kütahya and Uşak attended the promotional organization led by Gediz District Governor İsmail Çorumluoğlu and Mayor Mehmet Ali Saraoğlu from the AK Party. After breakfast at Murat Mountain Thermal Tourism Center 1870 [more…]