Nurettin Atamtürk: CORRail 1000 Device

CORRail 1000 Appliance With the methods and systems currently used, wheel slippage does not respond to the demands of today's technology precisely and accurately, since it shows systematic measurement errors that affect and neglect the measurement techniques. Microwave [more…]

YTU Rail Systems Club
34 Istanbul

YTU Rail Systems Club Opening Speeches

YTU Rail Systems Club Opening Speeches: At the opening of Yıldız Technical University's (YTU) "Rail Systems Club", a first in Turkey, it was stated that developed countries have solved their traffic problems with rail systems, and Turkey urgently [more…]


Konya Eskişehir YHT expeditions

Konya Eskişehir YHT services begin AK Party Konya Deputy Mustafa Baloğlu announced that he will start High Speed ​​​​Train services between Konya and Eskişehir during Prime Minister Erdoğan's visit to Eskişehir this month. Baloğlu, Prime Minister on 23-24 March [more…]


Turkey's only locomotive manufacturer TULOMSAS

Turkey's only locomotive manufacturer TÜLOMSAŞ, which has a deep-rooted history and experience in the field of locomotive production and maintenance, and is Turkey's only locomotive manufacturer, was founded in 1894 during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Sultan Abdulhamit Han. [more…]


TULOMSAS will produce the world's locomotive needs

The contractor will produce the world's Locomotive Needs Turkey, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa locomotives will be manufactured in Eskisehir. GE will expand its partnership with TÜLOMSAŞ by producing 50 locomotives in the next two years. In Turkey, the Turkish State Railways [more…]


Transportation Policies in the World

Transportation Policies in the World. One of the most important conditions of keeping social and economic life alive and dynamic in the world of the 19th century; using modern technologies, sensitive to the environment, complying with international rules, fast and safe, [more…]


ADARAY Flights Starting Soon | Sakarya

ADARAY Expeditions Coming Soon Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality completed the stations built between Adapazarı and Arifiye within the scope of Urban Light Rail System Project. train sets will be used in the project Adaray Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. ' [more…]

silkworm tram
16 Bursa

Pride of Bursa Silkworm EurasiRail 2013

The Pride of the Burse is the Eye of the Peacock EurasiRail 2013 Bursa Bursa Municipality under the leadership of Bursa Durmazlar Turkey's first indigenous tram produced by the machine Silkworm, held in Istanbul and attended by world-renowned rail company [more…]