Nurettin Atamtürk: CORRail 1000 Device

CORRail 1000 Device With the methods and systems currently in use, it does not give accurate and accurate answers to the demands of today's technology, as it shows systematic measurement errors that affect the wheel shift measurement techniques and which are not neglected. Microwave and radar sensors and GPS [more…]


Hakkari Van Road Access Has Closed

Hakkari-Van highway, the mountain is closed due to the access to the rocks. According to information obtained, Hakkari-Van highway 15. 1 on the kilometer. rocks fell to the tunnel location in the morning. By chance, there was no loss of life and the highway was closed. For reopening the Caribbean [more…]

Toros Express Schedules Canceled
01 Adana

Toros Express Scheduled

Toros Express flights canceled: Toros Express operated in the direction of Eskisehir-Afyon-Konya-Adana 15 March 2013 - 30 September 2013 (Included) reciprocal flights were canceled. Toros Express 30 Konya Adana will be operated until September. Similar Railway Road [more…]


Pamukkale Tourism Has Demanded to Railway Management

Pamukkale Tourism has been in demand for railway management Pamukkale Tourism General Manager Mustafa Özdalgıç said that in the bus management, Pamukkale Tourism could use the service experience exceeding half of the service for the railway. Pamukkale Tourism General Manager Mustafa Özdalgıç, half a century of experience on highways [more…]


Konya Eskişehir YHT expeditions

Konya Eskişehir YHT expeditions AK Party Konya deputy Mustafa Baloglu, Prime Minister Erdogan will do this month in Eskişehir Konya-Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train services will start between. Baloğlu, Prime Minister Erdoğan will make a visit to Eskişehir on 23-24 March, [more…]