Edremitte Sel Disaster

In the Edremit district of Balıkesir, the 7 hourly floods flooded the area and hundreds of homes and businesses were flooded. In the evening, a downpour increased its intensity around 20.00 and continued until midnight at 03.00. [more…]

01 Adana

Metropolitan Infrastructure Attack

ASKİ General Directorate of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Yüreğir's many neighborhoods to save water from the flood in the infrastructure of the great infrastructure continues. Metropolitan ASKİ D-400 highway steel drilling system with studies on the work under the Metropolitan Municipality President [more…]


Didn't Use the Overpass

Izmit D-100 highway Turgut Ozal Bridge under the old man who want to cross the street, died as a result of a vehicle crash. According to information obtained, a traffic accident occurred on the highway D-100 Izmit lost a person. Contact hüseyin directly [more…]


Tram Faults in Konya

Tramway Mistakes in Konya, the Metropolitan Municipality took the new model tram 60 by opening a tender. Service is not bad, but the wrong happens. In my opinion, there is a mistake in this tram business. I want to sort. But let me tell you at the beginning. With concern for election [more…]

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16 Bursa

Bursaray escorts married couples

Bursaray is entrusted to married couples BURSA Metropolitan Municipality daily 200 thousand passengers carrying rail system BursaRay's 100 driver 6 women are made up of. The female drivers 4'ı married BursaRay'ın male drivers. By managers, shift hours combined [more…]

34 Istanbul

29 will be opened in October

It will be opened 29 October will be the day of the century Yildirim, Ankara-Istanbul YHT Project and the date of the completion of the Marmaray Project 29 October 2013 reminded that the date is still valid. On this date the lines are ready [more…]