62 Tunceli

White Bondage on the Ovacik

The thickness of snow up to 3 meters in thickness in Ovacık district of Tunceli affects negatively. Ovacık Municipality teams clean the snow deposits in the district center with scoops and pedestrian main roads [more…]


Fire at the FSM Bridge

The incident occurred in 05.30 at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in the direction of Ankara. Paper towel, tissue paper in the trailer of 25 LU 909 plate truck, under the administration of Hanifi Ceylan [more…]


Villagers Turned D100 to Traffic

The people of Üçköprü Village in the district of Düzşlı of Düzce have closed the D-100 highway to traffic. Citizens who are not given a passage in the D-100 highway Üçköprü Village location, when the highway is closed to transportation, [more…]


AdaRay made first test drive

AdaRay made its first test drive The works carried out by Metropolitan Municipality for rail transport between Adapazarı Train Station and Arifiye were completed. Train sets prepared at TÜVASAŞ were completed and the first [more…]