62 Tunceli

White Bondage on the Ovacik

The thickness of the 3 meter in the Ovacık district of Tunceli affects the snow life negatively. Ovacik Municipality teams, by removing buckets of snow in the center of the main roads of pedestrian and vehicle traffic [more…]


Fire at the FSM Bridge

Event at 05.30'de Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge occurred in the direction of Ankara. Hanifi Ceylan administration 25 LU 909 plate towel in the trailer of paper towels, tissue paper and toilet paper yet unknown [more…]


Goksun Tunnels Reached 3 Thousand Meters

The ongoing construction of the town of Kahramanmaras Göksun, when completed, will be one of Turkey's largest tunnel total 2 3 thousand meters from the tube of the tunnel was dug in the Goksu. Excavations progressing 15 meters per day, heavy [more…]

38 Kayseri

Disabled People Met in Erciyes Ski Center

disabled people from various provinces of Turkey, met at Mount Erciyes Ski Center. Under the sponsorship of Kayserigaz, Alberg Youth Sports Club and Erciyes AŞ Disabled Sports Club organized the Erc Erciyes Disabled Meeting ”organized by 13 province. [more…]


Villagers Turned D100 to Traffic

The people of Üçköprü Village of Kaynaşlı district of Düzce closed the D-100 road to traffic in order to get to their villages. D-100 highway Citizens who are not given a passage in Üçköprü Village locality, when the road is closed to transportation, Highways pass for the passing of the villagers [more…]