Viaduct Request of the Muhtars

Bingol Mukhtar Association President Abdullah Butaku, connecting the two sides of the city and dozens of traffic accidents occur every year, instead of a viaduct, said that the bridge should be made. The headman of the 13 neighborhood gathered at the Mukhtar Association [more…]


Tender Announcement: Vehicle to be purchased

The vehicle will be purchased İZMİR METRO İZMİR B. ŞEHİR BEL.METRO İŞL.TAŞ.İNŞ.SAN.VE TİC. Inc. Pursuant to the Article 4734 of the Public Procurement Law No. 19, the purchase of PASSENGER VEHICLE will be tendered by open tender procedure. Detailed information about the tender is as follows [more…]


The cable car will arrive in Sarıalana in July

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, which is one of the symbols of the cable car, which continues to renovate the cable car, said: "The cable car will reach the hotels in November in October in the Sarıalan" he said. The Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, which relieves the transportation of Bursa with alternative solutions, is the annual symbol of the city 50 [more…]


MP from Matlıdan Highway Investments

AK Party Bursa Deputy and Member of Parliament, Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs Commissioner Önder Matlı, Highways 14. He received information about the various works planned by the Regional Directorate. Deputy Önder Matlı said in his statement that '(Balıkesir-Bandırma Ayrımı) - Okçugöl- [more…]

34 Istanbul

Description of the Accident on the Metrobus Road

Description of the accident on the road to Metrobus Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) 'was announced about the accident on the road to BRT. In a statement, tır Küçükçekmece Cennet Mahallesi'nde the speed of the extreme metrobus entered the path. Material damage occurred in the accident. Metrobus flights approx. [more…]

35 Izmir

Covered The Railway Road For Level Crossing | Izmir

They have closed the railway track for level crossing In the scope of the Aliağa-Menderes Project organized by the Metropolitan Municipality in Izmir, the decision came from the villagers to close the level crossings on the route. Located on the route within the scope of Aliağa-Menderes Project organized by the Metropolitan Municipality in Izmir [more…]