Turkish Transportation Branch President Ömür Kalkan said, gibi Do not let TÜVASAŞ disappear like Agricultural Equipment. Claim TÜVASAŞ '.
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Ömür Kalkan, the Head of the Turkish Transportation Branch, which draws attention to the light rail system ğ If the companies that take passengers or freight transport receive their wagons from countries where the labor is low, we will not sell wagons in our own country. TCDD General Manager stated that the 2023 high speed train set will be supplied with 180 EMU and DMU and 300 freight wagons will be provided in 8000 vision of the Railways. Tenders are being made for high-speed train sets. Hızlı
It'd be central
In his speech, Kalkan also drew attention to the groundbreaking ceremony of EUROTEM and said,, Would Hani Sakarya be the center of high-speed train sets? Didn't the sizeable banners hang on the walls? Launched as a new door, Eurotem employs an 70 with a minimum wage of 100. Especially politicians and pro-trade unions do not want to mislead the public with this kind of rhetoric. We call on those who hold local governments. Sakarya physically suitable for rail transportation. This transition should be made as soon as possible in public transportation. TÜVASAŞ is capable of manufacturing all kinds of rail vehicles that will be needed in this direction with its half a century knowledge and experience. We call the people of Sakarya. Do not let TÜVASAŞ disappear like agricultural equipment. Claim TÜVASAŞ '.

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