Side industries developing in railways

Side industries developing in railways
After the unfortunate train accident in Pamukova on July 22, 2004, we discussed the security of the railway sector in front of the public at length. All experts on the issue evaluated the list of measures and deficiencies at the highest level. Almost nine years have passed since Pamukova, which is one of the most serious accidents we have experienced after the accident in which we lost nearly a hundred citizens in Istanbul in 1957. During this period, serious developments took place in the railway sector, investments were made, security measures were increased. The rail sector is still safer and more economical than the road, and continues to thrive, despite occasional accidents.
Since 2008, as KANCA, in parallel with these developments in the railway sector, we supply hot-formed forged parts to the sector. We started our work abroad first. Since we have a lot of experience in Germany, where our automotive department works intensively, we said it would be appropriate to start the railway sector from here, and we contacted German Railways (DB) and started the sector research. Our first thought was that the references, quality laboratories, ISO / TS 45, ISO 500 and ISO 16949 certificates of a company with 9001 years of experience, working with German automotive giants such as VW, Audi, BMW and Bosch, would be sufficient for the railway sector. However, we saw that while German Railways appreciated all this knowledge and experience, we learned that we cannot enter this sector without HPQ, supplier-based product qualification, specific to the railway sector. The HPQ certificate is a qualification that reviews the entire manufacturing process with an audit of approximately 14001 days, after a few months of preparation, and audits all stages of the process to ensure a quality product. In this way, it aims to guarantee the desired quality of the products manufactured by the suppliers. After all, HPQ requirements were not a new experience for us as we already had a ready-made infrastructure, and as a result, we passed this qualification and started to supply parts. Later, we started to work with Turkey and shipped the forging draw frame hooks to the country.
At the time, our HPQ qualification did not matter much for the domestic market because only the ISO 9001 certificate was considered sufficient for domestic rail forged parts purchases due to the lack of suppliers of sufficient size and qualification. Then, with the development of other suppliers, the R & D incentives of our state, the increase in competition and the development of other sub-industries, foreign standards gradually began to be sought in the country. Since 2013, our expectation is that the railway sector, at least in our field of hot forming and forging, European standards, such as at least HPQ standards, apply in the country. We receive signals from the main companies in the railway sector in this direction, for example, the latest TÜVASAŞ took an important step in bringing the standard in the draw frame hooks tenders. Seeing rising quality standards in every field gives us hope for the future of reliable, sustainable and competitive sectors and paves the way for us to improve ourselves further. In the automotive sector, as a result of years of efforts in this direction, we have made the production of domestic automobiles from a distant dream and made it debatable on the table. In other sectors, we have reached the level of European and World standards. Of course, it is difficult to do this from tomorrow to today, producers must be given time within a certain plan. However, the rise in demands and expectations is an important motivation tool for the sub-industries in self-development. The mission of the main companies in the sector by motivating the sub-industries in this direction, expectations when necessary
increasing them and supporting them towards a future-oriented, competitive and dynamic structure. We wish a stronger parent industry, a stronger subsidiary industry.
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