71 Kirikkale

Chainsaw Traffic Accident 1 Dead

1 people died in a traffic accident that occurred in Kırıkkale. According to information received, Kirikkale-Ankara highway 21. A traffic accident in the kilometer, Dursun Keskinli (50) on the way to the direction of Kirikkale from Ankara, with the 71 AL 478 license plate car [more…]


Sabancı holding talks for private rail

Sabancı holding a meeting for the private railway The Sabancı holding took the first step with the decision to privatize the railways. Sabancı Holding has taken the first serious step while presenting the bill to finish the public monopoly in railway transportation and pave the way for the private sector. HaberTürk [more…]


The Peripheral Road in Malatya

The work of the municipality by the Municipality of Malatya on the inner part of the highway continues uninterruptedly. Mayor Ahmet Cakir, the deputy mayors Hasan Atay together with Selim Pilten examined the work on the spot. Ahmet Cakir, said in a statement here, [more…]

58 Sivas

Teleski and chairlift excitement

The excitement of teleski and chairlift in Yıldız Mountain The ongoing efforts to contribute to winter tourism and transform the region into a center of attraction continue at full speed. Previously approved Environmental Plan, Master Plan and Implementation Plan [more…]


The first private sector order comes to TÜLOMSAŞ

The first private sector order comes to TÜLOMSAŞ In the process of negotiating the use of TÜLOMSAŞ machines, ve Boğaziçi Shipping ılar, one of the most successful tugboat builders and exporters of the sector. Yusuf Karahasanoğlu, technical director of ektör Boğaziçi Shipping Kar, one of the most successful tugboat builders and exporters of the sector, [more…]


TCDDde Early retirement bonus

Early retirement in the TCDD was provided to the retirement fund for the old staff at the advanced bonus PTT and TCDD. PTT and TCDD'de early retiree, up to 40'dan up bonuses will be paid. The Postal Services Law presented to the TGNA the previous day [more…]

25 Erzurum

Skiing in Palandopen

Skiing in Palandöken Local and foreign tourists, who knew the opportunity at the weekend in Palandöken Ski Center, enjoyed skiing. Snow and snow skiing and skiing enjoy the sunny weather in Palandöken, where snow thickness reaches to 120 centimeters. [more…]


State and State of Railroads

Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, will be in the hands of the State for the Maintenance of Signification and Electrification of Railways, at the Istanbul Expo Center, Sinyal Eurasia Rail-3. After the opening ceremony of the Railway Light Rail Systems Infrastructure and Logistics Fair, he answered the questions of the press members. [more…]