Truck Fire Stops Highway Traffic

The fire that broke out in the chassis of a truck in Sultanbeyli has locked vehicle traffic on the TEM Highway. While the fire was extinguished by firefighters, vehicle traffic of approximately 8 kilometers occurred on the ring road. Event, hour [more…]


Landslide Tunnel Closure

It is stated that the second tunnel on the Hakkari-Van highway was temporarily closed due to the landslide. The second tunnel, 20 kilometers away from the city, landslide down the exit in the direction of Van. Landslide [more…]

14 Bolu

Kartalkayada Ski Season Ended

Kartalkaya, one of Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter ski season ended erdi.k found hotels in Kartalkaya thickness of which is about 2 meters, with the number of customers coming warm weather [more…]


Railway gospel of Trabzona

Speaking at the painting exhibition of 41-year-old politician Kemal Demirel, who brought Bursa the train and was a Bursa MP, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman gave Trabzon the good news of Trabzon. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Spectacular stat

Next to the magnificent Haydarpaşa Station, there are warm days about the candidacy of Istanbul for the magnific stat 2020 Olympics. The projects started to show up. One of the surprises is “Bosphorus Stadium” [more…]


20 Million Logistics Base

SUPPLY chain management, warehousing, transportation and which is one of Turkey's Istanbul-based international transport company in the first five Netlog, began his investment of $ 20 million in Las Vegas. center [more…]