34 Istanbul

Tramway Expeditions in Istanbul

Tramway Expeditions in Istanbul Due to the puddle at the tram stop following the rainfall in Istanbul Cevizlibetween the vineyard-Zeytinburnu tram lines could not be done for a while. In the statement made by Istanbul transportation AS, Kabatas-Bağcılar tram line occurred at Akşemsettin stop. [more…]


Sarıgölde Traffic Accident 1 Dead

In a traffic accident that occurred in Sarıgöl, one person lost his life. The 51 R 35 plate truck under the management of Halil I. (0028), carrying the corn from the Denizli Soil Products Office (TMO) to the Manisa Turkish Grain Board (TMO), is on the Buldan-Sarıgöl highway [more…]

81 Japan

Fast Train 20 in Japan

Fast Train 20 in Japan Receives from the Flood In Japan, the 300-ton high-speed train that can drive 715 miles per hour was taken from service due to 20 penny. According to the news published in Japan's best-selling Yomiuri newspaper, the captain is sitting in the section [more…]

06 Ankara

Ambassador of Pakistan prefers YHTyi

Ambassador of Pakistan prefers YHTyi Diplomats continue to be interested in YHTs, which shorten the transportation time between Başkent Ankara and Eskişehir and Konya, providing fast, safe and comfortable travel for their passengers. Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Ankara Muhammed [more…]


Railway Line Support Project 21

Railway Line Support Project 21 Kayseri is going to be organized As part of the Railway Line Support Project carried out by Bilkent University students within the scope of the social responsibility project, events will be organized at the Saraycık Primary School in Kayseri's İncesu district. Social studies by Bilkent University students [more…]


ADARAYda can travel by bicycle

ADARAYda can be traveled by bicycle in the scope of City Rail System studies implemented by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Adapazari Arifiye between the stations are completed, while train sets will be prepared for the day of the voyages of TÜVASAŞ. ADARAY flights will start very soon. [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankaray Crying

Ankaray Crying Ankaray - Tandogan station water leakage from the citizen's reaction was pulled. Citizens using Tandogan station frequently had difficulty in reaching the train due to water leakage. As a precautionary measure, only the use of water buckets [more…]