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16 Bursa

Bursaray Kestel Line Works Continuously

BursaRay Kestel Line Works Are Continuing Quickly: After the tender of BursaRay Kestel line, which was designed to bring contemporary and comfortable transportation to the east side of the city as soon as possible, the works were started immediately. [more…]


The Scope of Incentive to Retirement in TCDD

TCDD Incentive Coverage Expands Expanded Tülomsaş, Tüvasaş and Tüdemsaş employees can benefit from the pension incentive. Employees of TCDD affiliates to the pension incentive at the request of the trade unions during the Parliamentary Commission negotiations on the liberalization of railways yesterday. [more…]


Amendment to the Law on Liberalization of Railways

Many Amendments Have Been Made in the Bill of Liberalization Discussed in the Parliamentary Committee to Amend the Draft Law on Liberalization of Railways. The Law on Liberalization of Railways, which was submitted to the Public Works, Zoning, Transport and Tourism Commission on 13 March 2013 [more…]


Pauses Preparing OK ADARAY

Stops OK ADARAY Preparing The stations built between Adapazarı and Arifiye are completed within the scope of the Urban Rail System works implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality. ADARAY [more…]