To destroy the Viaduct passing through

Tarık Demirağ, who passed the viaduct without the nationalization of his land in Iznik district of Bursa, won the 7 year-long legal struggle. Demirağ, if the municipality does not pay the cost of land, the state built 3,5 million pounds will destroy the viaduct with a dozer. In the 2006 in İznik [more…]


Today Malatya Wagon Repair Day

Today, the sale day of Malatya Wagon Repair was carried out by the Privatization Administration in the form of 6 parts, and the tender for the Wagon Repair Factory and its real estates, where the 28 was offered in February, will be held on Tuesday (12 March) in Ankara. [more…]


3 Truck Accident On Viaduct

In Izmit, in the viaduct passing by the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture in Yeni Gölcük Road, the scrap-loaded TIR was overthrown last night. Immediately after this accident two more TIR crashes in the same place. 1 has been injured and the waste on the road [more…]

02 Adiyaman

3. Demolition Work for Periphery

Adiyaman Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, 3. It continues the demolition works of houses and businesses expropriated due to the activities of the Peripheral Highway. 3 which will greatly relax the traffic of Adıyaman. Located on the road, within the framework of the Ring Road studies [more…]


Sabancı Group exerts a pulse for train operations

Sabancı Group is exerting a pulse to train the train The Sabancı Holding has taken the first serious step while presenting the draft monopoly to finish the public monopoly in railway transportation. The Sabancı Group has set a pulse for the operation of the railway in the railways after the monopoly of TCDD has been lifted. [more…]

58 Sivas

Yildiz Mountain Chairlift Tender

Yildiz Dağı Telesiyej Tender was made Within the scope of Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center Project, it was reported that the construction of mechanical facilities started. In a written statement from Sivas Special Provincial Administration, Sivas contributed to winter tourism and became [more…]