To destroy the Viaduct passing through

Tarık Demirağ, who passed the viaduct without expropriation from his land in Iznik district of Bursa, won the legal struggle that lasted for 7 years. Demirağ, if the municipality does not pay the land, the state will pay 3,5 million liras [more…]


3 Truck Accident On Viaduct

In the viaduct passing in front of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture on the Yeni Gölcük Road in Izmit, the truck loaded with scrap was overturned last night. Two more trucks in the same place immediately after this accident [more…]

02 Adiyaman

3. Demolition Work for Periphery

Adıyaman Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs continues the demolition of the houses and workplaces expropriated due to the 3rd Ring Road opening activities. Adiyaman's vehicle traffic is mostly [more…]

58 Sivas

Yildiz Mountain Chairlift Tender

Yildiz Mountain Chairlift Tender was held. It was reported that the establishment of the mechanical facilities started within the scope of the Yildiz Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center Project. Written from Sivas Special Provincial Administration [more…]