National Railway Signaling System project is silently executed

National Railway Signaling System project is running silently
The National Railway Signaling System project silently, said they have carried out Lightning, said:
'One of the hardest jobs is signaling. Unfortunately, we are not yet free from foreign dependency in signaling. Therefore, Istanbul Technical University, TUBITAK and Railways started a project. The aim of this project is to establish a local signal system. The important thing here is the software. In other words, when you lift a train every 3.5 and 10 minutes, the trains there must be operated without harming any safety. Signalization is a must for the safety of train operations. In this regard, we are working to get rid of foreign dependency. The study is going well, the results are successful. But we have to be absolutely sure. We do this on a closed line before applying it to another line. We want to see the system running smoothly by trying all the possibilities and setbacks at the same time in our test line. Work has progressed to a great extent, will be completed soon. After the test phase, we will switch to this application on signalless lines.

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