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Eskişehir Ambar building as a result of the tender of the temporary transformation of the building (Special News)

Renovation of the Eskişehir Warehouse Building: The tender for the renovation of the Eskişehir Warehouse Building with the number 2013 / 6414 and its conversion into a temporary station was held on 11 / 02 / 2013. The tenderers and their prices are as follows: 1) Anastilotki 39.956.450,29 TL 2) Gülermak 43.185.709,99 TL 3) Yapı Merkezi [more…]

16 Bursa

Revision of Bursa High Speed ​​Train

Bursa Chamber of Civil Engineers of the High Speed ​​Train Revision Chamber of Civil Engineers Bursa Branch Chairman Necati Sahin, high-speed train project has been canceled Gürsu station, the central station in Emek Neighborhood, the Metropolitan Municipality was taken into the 150 meter at the request, he said. [more…]

35 Izmir

Balçova cable car operation is complete

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's snake story of the return to the story of the rally of the cable car at the end of the legal traffic at the end of the balçova cable car project will be finally started. STM System Cable Car with the lowest bid of 2012 million 10 thousand TL made in February 225 [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metro Works in Istanbul Continue at Latest Speed

Kazlıçeşme- in the context of the subway works within the scope of the transformation of the Istanbul suburbs to the surface metro and the removal of the 3 line.Halkalı from 1 March, the train traffic will be interrupted. Transportation will be provided by buses from this date. State Railways of the Republic of Turkey [more…]


Iron Bridge 8 Repeating After Years

In 2005 in Yatağan district of Muğla, the historical bridge was destroyed due to the rapid entry of a truck loaded with marble in 8. For the repair of the bridge, the Council of Protection, where the remnants, plans and project works are ready, has been granted permission. [more…]


Move to ease transportation

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is now adding the airline to its range of transportation by road, rail and sea. The final preparations are carried out in the terminal buildings at Gemlik Port, where ground services will be provided between Gemlik and Istanbul Golden Horn. [more…]

35 Izmir

Happy end of the cable car

The cable car project will finally be started at the end of legal traffic at the renovation of the cable car facilities returning to the story of the snake of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. In February 2012 and 10 million 225 thousand TL offers the lowest bid [more…]


Gaziantep expands transport facilities

Gaziantep is expanding its transportation facilities Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality is currently aiming to upgrade the 21 rail system project to 3 after completion of the Ibrahim 55.Etap Rail System Project. 50 with municipal signatures focusing on expanding public transport [more…]

34 Istanbul

Üsküdar Sancaktepe metro works start today

Uskudar Sancaktepe metro work begins today Uskudar-Santactepe metro work, Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş starts today. This line, which will be built on the Anatolian side after the Kadıköy-Kartal subway, will work between Üsküdar and Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe. Excavations will start at Ümraniye Bazaar Station today [more…]