34 Istanbul

Trampled your tail?

The tram broke his tail? I don't know if you remember, ticketers would have wooden boxes under their armpits. They ask you where you're going, they put two lines with a stationary pen on the stops you declare. The back of the pen has a tire with it [more…]

34 Istanbul

Commuter train service stops in Istanbul

Suburban train services are stopped in Istanbul. Both historical stations are isolated and the public is persuaded that they are dysfunctional. During the construction of the Marmaray Project, at least four years of Istanbul's railway connection with Europe and Anatolia. [more…]

sirkeci suburban line
34 Istanbul

Protect Sirkeci Station's Unstoppable History

Sirkeci station cannot be closed. Claim its History: Sirkeci Train Station, in the middle of Istanbul. Sirkeci Train Station is a monument that adorns the historical peninsula and has been attracting people for centuries. Trains, tracks, platforms, clocks, whistles, combo [more…]