Road Works Started in Landslide Area

The construction of the collapsed road was started during the coal mining activities of BLI Coal Enterprises in Gümüşpınar village of Orhaneli district of Bursa. Gumuspinar Dundar villages, the last time after the landslide occurred a second time [more…]


Snow Obstacle to Transport at Püren Pass

Kahramanmaras Kayseri highway in the evening hours of Püren Geçidi due to the snowfall began to close 3 transportation for hours. As a result of the work performed by the teams of highways, one-way and controlled transportation is provided without chain [more…]


Snowfall in Beyşehir

Beysehir district of Konya and some of the towns connected to the high parts of the district was covered with white cover. Beyşehir rainfall showing the effect since yesterday, the high parts of the county and some villages to snow [more…]

34 Istanbul

Trampled your tail?

The tram broke his tail? I don't know if you remember, ticketers would have wooden boxes under their armpits. They ask you where you're going, they put two lines with a stationary pen on the stops you declare. The back of the pen has a tire with it [more…]