Road Works Started in Landslide Area

The construction of the collapsed road was started during the coal mining activities of BLI Coal Enterprises in Gümüşpınar village of Orhaneli district of Bursa. Gümüspınar Transportation to other villages with the repetition of the landslide between Dündar villages last year for the second time [more…]


Snowfall in Beyşehir

The high sections of the Beyşehir district of Konya and some settlements of the district were covered with a white cover. The rainfall that has been taking place in Beyşehir since yesterday has turned into a snowfall in some of the villages. Some on Beyşehir-Konya Highway [more…]

34 Istanbul

Trampled your tail?

Trampled your tail? I don't know if you remember, ticket makers would have wooden boxes under their seats. They ask you where to go, placing two lines on the station you declare with a stationary pen. The back of the pen is a tire with it to cut the ticket, they extend. Coins on chest [more…]

34 Istanbul

Commuter train service stops in Istanbul

Stopping the commuter train service in Istanbul Both historical garages are being isolated and the public is convinced that they are dysfunctional. At least four years during the construction of the Marmaray Project, Istanbul will not have a railway connection with Europe and Anatolia. After the project [more…]