06 Ankara

Last Chance for Forgetful People

Last Chance For Forgetfuls EGO buses and passengers forgotten by passengers in Metro and ANKARAY, but the owners can not be reached, tomorrow (15 February) will be sold with a tender. Hundreds of lost things between laptop [more…]

34 Istanbul

TCDD Description Sirkeci Station Will Not Be Closed

TCDD Made a Statement Sirkeci Station Will Not Close TCDD made a statement to those who reacted to the possibility of closing Sirkeci Station within the scope of Marmaray Project, “Sirkeci Station will not be closed, the station will continue to function”. TCDD, in order not to close Sirkeci Station [more…]

ozbekistan railway construction begins
94 Afghanistan

Uzbekistan railway begins construction

It has been reported that Uzbekistan will start the construction of the railway that will connect the neighboring Afghanistan cities of Mazari Sharif and Andhoy this year. Prepared for the US Congress by SIGAR (Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction), which oversees repair projects in Afghanistan. [more…]


Railroad Lover Yaşar Rota

Railway lover Yaşar Rota: Yaşar Rota, whose grandfather and father are also railwaymen, has been working in many levels of TCDD for 41 years. Since his retirement in 2005, he has been continuing his railway education in Turkey. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Railway to Giresun Ports

The Giresun Chamber of Commerce (GTSO) President Hasan Çakırmelikoğlu evaluated the latest developments in the railway project. Giresun ports to provide added value rather than transit [more…]


Mardine Logistic Center Gospel

Mardine Logistics Center Announcement From Ak Party Mardin Deputy Gönül Bekin Şahkullubey, Logistics Center Announcement to Mardin residents. Deputy Gönül Bekin Şahkullubey said in his written statement; ”Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications TCDD [more…]

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Privatization of bridges and highways

The latest situation in the tender for the privatization of bridges and highways Minister Yıldırım, to the question of whether the privatization of bridges and highways will be canceled after the statements of Prime Minister Erdoğan, said, “Works on this issue are still ongoing. That [more…]