34 Istanbul

Haydarpaşa is my childhood

Haydarpaşa, my childhood Haydarpaşa Train Station, the project that transformed the coastal and port area, was protested by international protests yesterday. The action in Istanbul took place on the stairs of Haydarpaşa Train Station. Haydarpaşa Solidarity's “Haydarpaşa Train Station and Port Transformation” [more…]


Aksaray Belediyesi is doing the cable car

Aksaray Municipality Is Making Cableway Aksaray Mayor Nevzat Palta, Kılıçaslan Park and Kılıçaslan Hill between the viewing terrace is a cable car. President Nevzat Palta, who aims to provide a new nostalgia for the citizens of Aksaray, [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Tolls on the bridge became clear

The tolls of the bridge have been announced. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, gave information about the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, which was tendered and included the railway crossing, at the information meeting held at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament [more…]

haydarpasa garinda 367 week nobet why don't stop
34 Istanbul

Haydarpasa Train Station and Solidarity

Haydarpaşa Train Station and Solidarity: Many non-governmental organizations and political parties participated in the event organized by Haydarpaşa Solidarity due to the closure of the train services from Haydarpaşa Station to Anatolia and the Haydarpaşa Station and Port Project. [more…]

Ayas Tunnel
06 Ankara

69 Unable To See The End Of Ayaş Tunnel In A Year

Endless Ayaş Tunnel 'collapse' allowance! Project 69, construction of the Ayaş Tunnel, which was launched 37 years ago, could not be completed despite the fact that 701 million pounds have been spent so far. The Ministry will not 'collapse from the water', so that the 3 million pounds [more…]

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Ski lift coming to Babadaga

Babadag cable car is coming FTSO President Arıcan said, “We put our head under the responsibility for the Babadag Ropeway Project. We will bring the cable car to Fethiye, which will diversify the tourism in the region," he said. The world's best paragliding centers [more…]

06 Ankara

Ayaş Tunnel

Ayaş tunnel will not darken Ak Party Beypazarı District Chairman Avni Erdoğan after the high-speed train information meeting Ayaş Tunnel will not darken, the project is a high-speed train project, he said. Between Ankara-Beypazarı-Çayırhan for Ayaş Tunnel [more…]

68 Aksaray

Aksaray municipality building a cable car

Aksaray municipality has a cable car built Aksaray Mayor Nevzat Palta has a cable car built between Kılıçaslan Park and the viewing terrace on Kılıçaslan Hill. Aiming to bring a new nostalgia to the citizens of Aksaray, President Nevzat Palta attended [more…]

06 Ankara

High-speed train and Ankara subways end this year

High-speed train and Ankara subways are ending this year, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Binali Yıldırım gave information about the high-speed train and Ankara subways, The amount of appropriation allocated to the railway sector, compared to 2003 [more…]

35 Bulgaria

Bulgarian State Railways in TÜVASAŞ

Bulgarian State Railways TÜVASAŞ conducted a situation assessment meeting before the commissioning of the 30 bed wagon, completed by TÜVASAŞ, which operates in Adapazarı, for the Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ). Turkey Wagon Industry Co. [more…]

gebze halkali marmaray line stall list and fee
06 Ankara

High Speed ​​Train Gebze Station

Map of Marmaray and Gebze Halkalı Marmaray Stops and Schedule: Marmaray, the project connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul Halkalı information about the stops and times of Gebze and Gebze subway stations. [more…]