HGSli not able to fall

PTT General Manager Osman Tural, 'If you have a Rapid Transition System (HGS) tag, no matter where you pass, whether or not you read the devices there in any way you can be subject to criminal sanctions [more…]


Railway to Muttalip Cemetery in Eskisehir

Railway to the Muttalip Cemetery in Eskişehir The railroad adventure of the Germans begins with the acquisition of the Anatolian Railway concession. Eskişehir station of the Anatolian Railway was a crossroads. Eskisehir Haydarpasa 313 km, to Ankara [more…]


Liberalized Railways

Liberalization of the rail sector of our railways restructuring within the framework of the Ministry of Maritime Transport and Communications prepared by the Directorate General 08.01.2013 history of trade unions described in the briefing held by TCDD management "Turkey About Liberalization of Railway Transport [more…]

34 Istanbul

Taksim Kabataş Walkway Line

Taksim Kabataş Yürüküler line: Taksim-Kabataş funicular line in Istanbul early in the morning when the breakdown of passengers, walk out of the tunnel. Clock 08: Passengers on the funicular with a hard brake in the waters of 50 take approx. [more…]

35 Izmir

MHP examined İZBAN project

MHP examined the İZBAN project The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Torbalı District Organization, Provincial Presidency Research and Development (R & D) unit, consisting of architects and lawyers 5 people examined the IZBAN project. Program [more…]