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30 Hourly Traffic Trouble Begins in Istanbul

Istanbul's 30 Hourly Traffic Sick Begins Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality warned that they will go to traffic especially on Saturday. Due to the construction of the foot connection of Haliç Metro Bridge, Tersane Street (Persembe Pazarı Street) has been [more…]

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RayHaber Magazine Released!

The countdown has begun for Turkey's rail systems magazine. Ozen Consulting Publishing Group RayHaber, Rail tender and TeleferikHaber Web sites are now also printed Rayhaber as a magazine. About rail systems [more…]


RayHaber 08.02.2013 Tender Bulletin

Supply of Power Cable Signal Cable (TÜVASAŞ) 7 Pencil Various Electric Motor Coal (TÜLOMSAŞ) Axle Bearing Box (TÜLOMSAŞ) Between Menemen Manisa 9 Km New Double Line Railway Infrastructure Construction Work

34 Istanbul

Metrobus is planned for Ataşehir Financial Center

According to the project prepared for the Finance Center in Ataşehir, a metrobus is planned to be built in the region. In order to avoid problems in the transportation of Ataşehir Finance Center, a metrobus and monorail is planned to be made in the region. Monorail revolving around the financial center [more…]