konya railway maps
42 Konya

Konya Railway Maps

Konya Railway Maps: The Republic of Turkey State Railways, or TCDD for short, is the official institution that regulates, operates and controls the railway transportation in the Republic of Turkey. TCDD Railways Map for Konya Railway Maps [more…]


Cooperation meeting in TÜVASAŞ

Cooperation meeting at TÜVASAŞ Turkey Locomotive and Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) and Turkey Railway Machinery Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) officials came together at the cooperation meeting held in Turkey Vagon Industry Inc. (Tüvasaş). from Tüvasaş [more…]


Railways get National Signaling System

Railways get National Signaling System The National Railway Signaling System, developed in cooperation with TCDD, TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM and Istanbul Technical University, has come to an end. In cooperation with the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM and Istanbul Technical University [more…]

14 Bolu

Abant Gölcük and Yedigöllere Teleferik

Bolu Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz; He said that they hoped to build hotel and cable car projects in places such as Gölcük, Abant and Yedigöller. Chairman Yılmaz announced the new projects waiting for Bolu in the following years. on İzzet Baysal Street. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Mecidiyekoyden Camlicaya Teleferik

Mecidiyeköy Çamlıcaya teleferik.Üsküdar Mayor Mustafa Kara, Mecidiyeköy Çamlıca to reach a project that will work by cable car announced. The construction of a cable car from Mecidiyeköy to Çamlıca is on the agenda. Previously on the agenda, but the companies in the Bosphorus [more…]


Reference to Samsun Logistics Center

Reference for Samsun Logistics Center STSO President Murzioğlu said, “This big project is a reference for Samsun Logistics Centre. Our city is one step closer to this ideal with its combined sea-railway transportation investment," said Samsun. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Cable car line between Europe and Asia

Cable car line between Europe and Asia Üsküdar Mayor Mustafa Kara, Mecidiyeköy Çamlıca'ya announced that working on a project to provide transportation by cable car. The construction of a cable car from Mecidiyeköy to Çamlıca is on the agenda. Before [more…]