TCDD Stores Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers of TCDD Stations: In this article, you can find TCDD's reservation and consultation phones. Train travel is a culture. TCDD General Directorate has recently carried out important studies to ensure that the trains are well maintained and clean. [more…]

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Haydarpasa Station History (Special Report)

History of Haydarpaşa Station: Istanbul's gateway to Anatolia, the starting point of the historical Anatolian-Baghdad and Hejaz railways, Haydarpaşa Station was put into service on September 22, 1872, with the start of the Haydarpaşa-Pendik line. The old building of Haydarpaşa Train Station, [more…]


TCDD prepares for Transport Council

TCDD made preparations for the Transportation Council: 11. Transportation, Maritime and Communications Council preparatory meeting, 22 February 2013'da TCDD General Directorate Conference Hall was held. Karaman: “Shura, the global player of the Turkish railway sector [more…]

Haydarpasa Gari should be open to use with all its functions.
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Haydarpaşa Train Station Will Not Be A Hotel

Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım: Haydarpaşa Train Station, the station will continue to be open to the public, not a hotel. In the new process, including the public offering option, the Privatization Administration will also start working.” Minister [more…]


11. Transport meeting was held

Preparatory meeting for transportation, transportation, maritime and communication council ”preparatory meeting was held in 22 February 2013 TCDD General Directorate Conference Hall. Karaman: “Shura, the process of becoming a global player of the Turkish railway sector [more…]

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Boluya High Speed ​​Train

Boluya High Speed ​​​​Train Pile According to the latest local newspaper news, there is Bolu-Mudurnu on the high-speed train route, but it is stated that it will not stop in Bolu and Mudurnu. I'm very curious, how many piles were thrown in this Bolu? of power [more…]