Train travel from extreme heat also affected

Extreme heat also affected the train services: The air temperature above the seasonal norms also affected the train services.

Turkey has also affected the air temperature trains on the effective seasonal normals across. September 17 Express came to Bandırma with a delay due to the trains not speeding due to the expansion in the rails.

On the Bandırma-Balıkesir-İzmir line, the 15.55 Eylül Express, which had to make the Bandırma-İzmir expedition at 17 today, was able to arrive in Bandırma with a delay of 1 hour and 20 minutes due to the adverse effects of extreme temperatures on the railways. It was reported that the delay was caused by the speed of trains up to 50 kilometers from time to time due to the expansion in the rails.

Passengers waiting at Bandırma Station due to delays complained that they were not informed about the disruptions. Fatih Özcan, one of the passengers waiting for the train by lying on the benches and their luggage, said, “The elderly, the disabled and children are waiting for the train under intense heat. Recently, there have been serious problems in train services. "No official is making a statement, we do not even know what to do because anos is not made," he said.



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